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Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Brand One different from other brands?

A: From the sourcing of our garments to the quality in which our clothing is created, Brand One's garments are proudly handcrafted in sweatshop-free facilities, located in the United States! This ensures that the quality in which our garments are created follow strict ordinance with EPA regulations.

Not only are our products ethically sourced & eco-friendly but once our garments have arrived, our team begins designing and handcrafting each item for our customers. By eliminating the need to outsource from other manufactures and print companies, Brand One can offer sustainable, affordable, and fashionable garments for everyone!

What distinguishes the difference between a Pre-Order & In-Stock?

A: A Pre-Order is an order that is available to purchase, prior to Brand One having ANY inventory of that item. In-Stock refers to when we have an inventory of a given item.

Why does my purchase take 7-10 Business Days to arrive? 

A: Because ALL of our products are handcrafted. Unlike most places, we do not carry a large inventory of items. Instead, our team processes each order, creates the item(s) by hand, and then directly ships it to the customer. 

What is the significance of the, "Black Flag" Icon?

A: The Black signifies our strength & seriousness, while the Flag represents unification. Together, the black flag is a representation that Brand One is a group of hard working individuals, with the mindset of doing whatever it takes to become a household name within the apparel industry. 

Why was Brand One created?

A: "Brand One was created because I was originally interested in learning the art of screen printing. I began making clothing for my own closet but started gaining the interest of my friends, so I thought to myself, why not just create a lifestyle brand that could offers all these pieces to them? That's when Brand One was born!" -Brandon Martinkus

What does Brand One mean?

A: "Brand One signifies that we are all ONE & that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Brand One is our voice." 
-Brandon Martinkus

What does Brand One revolve around?
A: The People, The Kansas City Aesthetic & Urban-Wear / Athletics.

What is Brand One's Mantra:
A: The People, Places & Apparel.

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