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Behind our Latest Release: The Monarchs Collection

Ever since I was a little kid, I've always been fascinated with the game of baseball. I know some say, "it's slow" or "it's boring" but for me, it was an escape from reality. From stepping on the field and toeing the pitching rubber, there was something about focusing in on the catchers target and forgetting about all the worries in the world.

With baseball season just around the corner, I was eager to release a couple pieces. However, when I heard the news that the Monarchs were coming back to Kansas City...that was a whole different story!!! As a former player and lifelong fan of the game, when I heard the T-Bones re-adopted the Monarchs as their team name, so many initial thoughts went through my head.

From the Buck O'Neil autograph hanging in the shop, to the handful of times spent browsing the halls of the NLBM, I was beyond ready to sit down and create an entire collection for this historic team of Kansas City. Without hesitation I jumped on my laptop and began designing concepts and potential ideas. Before I knew it, I had a collection of nearly 20 pieces ready to send over to the rest of the team to analyze.

After much needed feedback, we have hand selected our favorite pieces and are proud to say that our new Monarchs Collection is Now Available! Not only is it available but with each purchase, Brand One will happily donate 20% of the proceeds to the Negro League Baseball Museum (NLBM)!

For those that don't know, the NLBM is the world's only museum dedicated to preserving and celebrating the rich history of African-American baseball and its impact on the social advancement of America.

Feel free to browse our collection today!

Support Local. Support Kansas City. Support #Brand1KC.

-Brandon Martinkus

Founder of Brand One

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