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Happy Belated Halloween!

Happy belated Halloween to everyone out there taking the time to read this! We are proud to announce that tonight (November 1st) we will be setting up our pop up shop at Anton's Taproom, in the Crossroads. You can find us on the second floor from about 5:00 PM - 9 ISH, so bring your friends and come hangout where it's warm! There you will find us along with other local artists, vendors, music & much more!

In other news, some of you may have noticed that our inventory is getting a little low on some of your favorite threads. Worry no longer, as we will be restocking all your favorites here shortly. Along with re-inventorying everything, we have also created a "SALE" page on our website that offers the last of our apparel that will not be restocked. So feel free to browse our selection and find yourself a deal!

Lastly, we wanted to bring to your attention that we will be introducing new, weekly deals through Facebook / Instagram. Each day will be dedicated to its own sale or deal, so be on the lookout and snag yourself some of Kansas City's Urban Apparel!

Until Next Time,


Founder of Brand.One

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