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KU Hoops has tipped off. The Chiefs are Rolling & New Releases are on the way!

What is going on all you readers out there & welcome back to THE blog!

As I sit here under the light over my desk, I figured it would be a nice evening to catch up with you all! Honestly, with daylight savings making it dark at 5 o'clock in the afternoon my body has me thinking it's midnight right now, so I'm kind of ready for bed versus ready to screen print... Annnnd that's why I figured it was the perfect time to blog. (Look at us being consistent on here lol!!)

On a side note, with college basketball tipping off this week we have released our new KU hoops pieces for the upcoming season!! If the first thing you thought of when you saw this release was, "boo KU" well then this drop clearly wasn't meant for you... but don't worry!! :) We have a ton of new stuff coming soon for you filthy animals! Nonetheless, each design has been handcrafted by our wonderful team & produced in-house so be sure to snag your Jayhawks merch before it's gone. Limited Release*

In other news, the Chiefs are ballin' right now and boy do we love to see it!! Maybe we're the only ones with this thought but going into the season, I had a feeling that the Super Bowl team in the AFC would come out of the West, and right now our kingdom is running around as the top dogs (knock on wood)..! There is a certainly a lot of season left and of course anyone can win on any given Sunday but it's a certainly a promising sight to see, considering everyone counted the Chiefs out after the Cheetah's departure this off-season...

To wrap up the evening we figured we'd shed some light into what is in store for our next releases! As we mentioned, our KU hoops releases are now available but with the winter weather right around the corner, soon our winter collection will also be available (beanies, bomber jackets & more)!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read our latest blog post & until next time (hopefully soon) peace out!!

-Brand One

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