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What is going on everyone and welcome back to the blog! :)

In our last post we mentioned trying to become more consistent in our blogging abilities and here we are about a week later. WOO HOO!!! Anyways, in honor of Halloween and College Hoops tipping off we've have decided to combine the two themes and drop some new merch for y'all!!

I know I know, all you KU haters out there are wondering, "where the heck are the other colorways at?" & well... If you're not a KU hoops fan then you are most likely dead to us anyways so there's no need to expect any other colorways to be released. Sorry for the harshness... LOL.

In the meantime if you haven't already, check out our recap video from our latest block party; it was a BANGER! Unfortunately our neighbors are lame and probably won't allow us to do another event (they technically own the lot), so at least we went out with a bang! :/ However we will try to talk to them next spring to potentially change that thought, but who knows...

Lastly, to end the post on a positive note. Rumor has it the Brand One boys might start up a podcast... It's been a thought since podcasting became popular and we even invested in the equipment, but I honestly just never found the time and just kept pushing away the idea.

But now that it's in writing on here and been discussed with the boys I feel like it's a must-do so stay tuned for more information regarding that!

In the meantime, thank you as always for taking the time to check out this weeks post & until next time (hopefully next week!)

-Brand One

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