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Oh. Hey There!

Hello blog readers.

It's been quite some time since we have wrote to you all, but we have officially plugged the blog back into the website & hopefully we'll be posting on here a hell of a lot more!!

Although this blog will primarily be used to share our loose thoughts around the brand, we look forward to putting out our journey for those interested in consuming. As for what we've been up to since our last blog post, the answer is... a shit ton. So let's get into it!

Since our last post (well over a year ago), a lot has shifted within the brand.... but all for the better! First, we added a new member to our team. Nathan Muse was brought on nearly a year ago and serves as our Director of Marketing & Sales. Nathan provides strategic insight into our brands growth by using logistics provided through various platforms. Needless to say, if you ever have an IT issue then this is definitely the guy that you want to have on your side!

Next, we launched Brand One - Print Co. This serves as our in-house screen printing studio for other businesses, brands and events to use to print custom merchandise. While this has kept us extremely busy, it has also helped us grow the brand to the point where we were able to afford to move our operations into a larger location that now allows us to screen print using commercial equipment!

Lastly, the brand moved towards releasing new items every 2 weeks. Originally we planned each release with multiple items in mind, and would drop a capsule every month or so. However, we wanted to start refocusing on building our brand so we figured the best way to do this was to release our ideas in a manner where those interested would follow along to see what was next. "This has taken a lot of work to put together releases quickly, but it has definitely helped us grow our name in the KCommunity!"

Although this is just some of the things that have transpired in the last year or so, we look forward to sharing our journey going forward! While we plan to document things a lot better, stay tuned for what's next!

I promise it won't be a year and a half.... :)

Time to go chow down some Valentine's Jambalaya!!!!

Happy V-Day,

-Brandon M

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