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Our New Layout is Hype!

GoOoOoOod afternoon to all of our blog readers, and welcome back! Today we wanted to share a few pieces of information with you guys, but first we wanted to say that our website looks dooopppeee!!! If you didn't notice our website when you first checked out this blog, then we would like to make you aware that we have completely redone the aesthetic of!

What started with no actual photos of our apparel and a lot of black covering the webpage, has vastly transitioned in the last 24 hours! We are stoked to have implemented a new slide show that exhibits our freshest threads, along with a backdrop that doesn't hide our handcrafted apparel, but rather exposes it for the public to view. Not only did we add much more detail to the new look, but we also got rid of some of the moving parts that created clutter within the layout. With a few more things still left to do, our team is PROUD! to present the new,!

In the near future, we look to continue revamping our website by adding the photos from our photoshoots, to the merchandise display. But in the meantime, lets get to something a little more interesting...

Did any of you have the opportunity to answer our Poll on IG last night, "Do you brush your teeth in the shower"? If so, thank you; and if not, well then you missed out...

For those of you that were wondering where the hell that question came from, it was honestly quite random. Lol. While having a conversation with the other Brandon from Brand.One, I mentioned that I brushed my teeth in the shower to save time, when getting ready in the morning. This seemed to baffle Brandon, so I figured that I would reach out to our community and see what their take on it was.... And to my surprise, the poll was closer than I anticipated!

After nearly 25 votes, 40% of you all voted that you do indeed, brush your teeth in the shower. While the other 60% of you all voted, "What the Fuck?". In all honesty, I kind of thought that the "WTF" answers would be a lot higher, but I guess I am not that weird, after all...

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Until Next Time,

Peace Out.

-Brandon Martinkus

Founder of Brand.One

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