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Are you a hat person? I definitely am. Ever since I was a little boy, I've always worn hats. Many people that know me, know that I am ALWAYS wearing a hat. No matter the style or team, I always have a cap on. Maybe that's because my mom's haircuts have always been sus, or maybe it's because I've played baseball for such a long portion of my life. No matter the reason, hats are definitely something that are apart of my wardrobe & now apart of the Brand One Collection!

Way back when I was learning how to screen print in a moldy basement jumping with spiders, I had the envision that I wanted to "make hats". This was well before Brand One was conceived and back when ultimately, I had no idea what I was doing. Just creating everything from bleach washed garments, to distressing jeans into jorts, screen printing, and everything in between. Ahhh, the good ole days..

At the time, I remember wanting to create so many different styles of hats but having no idea where to begin. Ultimately, I learned that I didn't have the equipment necessary and the hat idea came and went as I fine tuned my skills in the screen printing industry. Fast forward nearly 4 years and BOWMMMM! We now have the equipment needed to handcraft our own custom hats!

With that being said, I still have the envision to "make hats", so stay tuned for all sorts of new caps in the future & for now, check out our NEW OG BLAKC FLAG HATS!!!

Thanks for reading! Hope ya'll have a great day,

-Brandon Martinkus

Founder of Brand One LLC

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